Modifying Yoga for every BODY

Advance your skills in pose modification, deepen your understanding of body types, and become adept at creating inclusive and supportive Yoga and Pilates sessions for diverse conditions.

This course is delivered as Part 1Part 2 - see special offer below for both (Part 1 is a pre-requisite of Part 2).

PART 2 Investment: $995 


Course Overview PART 2

  • Recap from Part 1
    • A brief review of the key concepts covered in Part 1, emphasising the evaluation of posture and the introduction of Body Types.
  • In depth Body Types immersion
    • Take a deeper immersion into Body Types; lordosis, kyphosis, flattened spines and their impact on Yoga and Pilates practice.  
  • Adaptations for Individuals
    • Learn techniques to adapt Asana for individuals with injuries or those requiring personalised approaches based on their body type or preferred style of practice. Application of Modifications Alternatives Adjustments & Props (MAAPs) for the foundational poses below. 
    • Extensive coverage of MAAPs for the remaining foundational pose groups
      • Downward Facing Dog
      • Standing Poses + Sequencing
      • Twists
      • Inversions
      • Prone Poses
    • Teaching strategies for diverse settings
      • Emphasis on incorporating appropriate modifications to accommodate a variety of conditions encountered in real-world teaching scenarios.
    • Promoting Safe Practices
      • Instilling confidence in supporting individuals without diagnosing or resolving conditions.
      • Creating a safe and functional space for students with various needs.
    • Introduction to Ayurveda
      • Learn how movement and breath impact the Doshas and discover your own unique dosha.
    •  Introduction to Restorative Yoga
      • Learn and experience its effects on the nervous system, adrenals and the body’s physiology. 

    Duration: 30 Hours Self Study Online

    Enrol now in Part 2 to advance your skills in pose modification, deepen your understanding of body types, and become adept at creating inclusive and supportive Yoga and Pilates sessions for diverse conditions.

    Special offer PART 1 & 2 combined

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    PART 1 & 2 Investment: $1,495 



    Secure your place on this self-paced, online learning journey designed to empower Yoga, Yogalates, and Pilates instructors with a deeper understanding of the human body.

    Self Paced Study

    This course is delivered through supported video lectures, a Training Manual, in-depth handouts and quizzes; allowing you to progress at your own pace. You are supported by Louise and Nic who will be available to answer questions through our personalised online study portal. A general level of computer literacy is required.

    Embark on a transformative journey with Yogalates Academy and one of our world class online courses. Tailored for both Yoga and Pilates Teachers, as well as students exploring a deeper understanding of these practices.

    Meet Your Teachers

    Louise Solomon

    Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Louise takes you on a journey in her popular masterclasses. She pioneered the exercise system Yogalates and has been teaching in Australia and worldwide since 1993. Encouraging all to take to the matt, Louise prides herself on the hight standard of her Teacher Trainings and continues to develop her practice with the latest evidence for supporting the mind, body and breath connection.

    ​Author of Yogalates Total Body Toner and a Senior Level Member with Yoga Australia, Louise is recognised by Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500). You'll find her teaching at the Bangalow Studio, on demand in the Online Academy and regularly at Yoga Expos around the world.

    Meet Your Teachers

    Nic Dorsch

    Yoga has been in my life for 30 years, 20 years as a Yogalates Teacher, for the last 8 years a Yogalates Master Teacher Trainer.   

    At 19yrs old I began my journey of Yoga initially to deal with postural conditions, injuries and ailments, however this was really a facade for the yearning and curiosity I had for spirituality.  At age 30yrs I landed in my teaching foundations in Byron Bay with Louise Solomon and her Yogalates Method, whom I am honoured to support as I continue to love her teachings as her assistant in teacher trainings worldwide.  

    The Yogalates teacher training is a complete 350hr training with in-depth studies in Yoga Philosophy, breath work (Pranayama), Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga, core + functional movement.  In 2004 we lived and breathed it (literally) for 6 months full time, which I am sure embedded the practice into my every cell.  I knew this is what I wanted to do, I had found my Dharma - to share with as many people as possible the gifts Yoga has blessed me with.  

    I am passionate about sharing breath work, meditation, movement and alignment of the body in postures (Asana) so any BODY can experience the strength (Stirrha) and peace (Sukkha) this practice offers.