Louise Solomon

Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Louise takes you on a journey in her popular masterclasses. She pioneered the exercise system Yogalates and has been teaching in Australia and worldwide since 1993. Encouraging all to take to the matt, Louise prides herself on the hight standard of her Teacher Trainings and continues to develop her practice with the latest evidence for supporting the mind, body and breath connection.
Author of Yogalates Total Body Toner and a Senior Level Member with Yoga Australia, Louise is recognised by Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500).
You'll find her teaching at the Bangalow Studio, on demand in the Online Academy (archive and live) and regularly at Yoga Expos around the world.

Olive McLeod

Olive has been practising yoga since 1994 and has been teaching the Yogalates method since completing her Cert IV Yogalates Teacher Training in 2003.

Beyond her Yogalates training, Olive has attended numerous chanting and meditation workshops which she incorporates into her classes. Join one of her studio classes to experience the many benefits of Pranayama and meditation that she weaves through her practice and you may also be blessed by one of her singing Savasana as she uses her exquisite voice to take her students on the journey into deep relaxation.  

Olive is a Level 2 Yoga Australia member and a senior facilitator on the Yogalates Teacher Training program, both online and in-person.  Over the last 12 years her participation in every Yogalates Teacher Training means she embodies the method, sharing her passion and extensive knowledge as a teacher in online lectures for Pranayama, Meditation and Mudras.

​You'll find her at the Bangalow & Suffolk Park Studios.

Josephina Grunwaldt


Josephina experiences Yoga as a way to connect to spirit and highest self, a tool to live life in health, joy and balance. A dedicated student, practitioner and teacher both on and off the mat, her classes integrate pranayama, asana and meditation.

Held within a traditional Hatha base, she introduces flow, fusing the feminine aspect of movement with stability and stillness. Holding each asana long enough so that the gift each posture offers is revealed and guiding her students through a conscious exploration of body, breath and mind. 

Josephina teaches at the Bangalow & Suffolk Park studios, creating a nourishing space where students can slow down, move with awareness, and listen to the wisdom of their bodies.




Yanyan is a dedicated yoga practitioner (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin), a devotional yoga student (>1000 hours yoga teacher training), a passionate yoga teacher and a massage therapist.

Yanyan is forever grateful to receive her teaching from her main incredible yoga teachers, Bec Issacs and Dena Kingsberg who embodies the true essence of yoga practice in their daily life. Their strict and simple teaching constantly reminds her the integrity of yoga: self-discipline, devotion, extending the yoga practice (sadhana) on and off the mat to be real, be humble, be patient and grounded. She sees yoga as an Art and a Science that is healing, grounding, powerful and soothing.

Yanyan’s classes are simple yet comprehensive. She loves weaving key elements of yoga into classes to help students dive deeper into their own self-healing and self-discovery journey. Her class includes intelligent sequencing, mantra chanting (her new passion), pranayama (breath work), yoga philosophy and meditation etc. She loves linking each movement with breath and guides students to a smooth flow where they simply dance with their breath in a meditative state. She truly believes yoga is for everyone, so all levels are welcome.

Yanyan teaches Yin Yoga (Wed) and Slow Hatha/Vinyasa flow (Mon & Fri) in our Bangalow Studio.

Simba Aalbers


Simba is a high energy coach who will help you to unleash your inner confidence through Mindbody and Fitness

An enthusiastic, energetic and down to earth Mindbody and Fitness coach with over 19 years experience. She is very passionate about helping people to achieve a healthy and fit body and mind. Simba will leave you feeling light, energetic, empowered and confident. 

Simba teaches weekly Barre Sweat classes at our Bangalow Studio. 

Tracy Craft

Tracey Craft

Tracey is a Yogalates and Yoga Vinyasa Krama trained teacher.

She teaches subtle, safe practices.

She began practicing Yogalates after many years of chronic back pain and instability. She was amazed at the gradual improvement that a regular yoga practice focusing on functional movement patterns made on her overall health. She studied the Soloman Yogalates method in 2007, and has been teaching weekly classes since 2008. She has also studied the Tattwas Shuddhi Sadhana (5 Element Purification) under Peter Clifford.

Tracey has been a senior teacher for the Santosha  YTT 200 hour Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher Training programs in Bali, and teaches on the Soloman Yogalates Teacher Trainings and Post Graduate Courses in Australia and Italy.

Tracey’s continued studies include Yoga and the neuroscience connection – Kristine Kaoverii Weber, Subtle Yoga TM. She weaves slow mindful practices into the open general classes. These focus on alleviating and managing daily aches and pains… and supporting greater mental, emotional, and physical resilience.

Tracey is an E-RYT 500 registered teacher and YACEP with Yoga Alliance - you'll find her at the Bangalow Studio.

Jennifer Genest

Jennifer Genest has been working with posture, movement and breathing for almost her entire life beginning with dance, martial and circus arts, film and theatre in her youth to the in-depth study of eastern traditional healing arts over the last decade.

Yearning for inspiration and her true calling, Jennifer set sail to Australia in 2018 to pursue traditional Hatha yoga studies with Yoga Synergy; Australia’s largest and oldest yoga school, where she taught in Sydney, under the direction of Bianca Machliss, (Physiotherapist).  

In 2019, Jennifer facilitated her own workshops and classes in Canada, eager to guide and transmit the wisdom passed on from her knowledgable teachers.  She then accepted a years internship program to study further and assist at several Yoga Teacher Training programs and workshops in Italy, France, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Israel, India, UAE and Australia with world renowned master Simon Borg-Olivier, (Physiotherapist).

Jennifer is currently in her 2nd year of Kinesiology and Energy Psychology studies in Australia with Parijat Wismer to explore the body systems and subtle energy fields.  She had the privilege of learning Qi Gong directly with Master Zhen Hua Yang, Calligraphy Health, transmitting his ancient systems from his Chinese lineage.

Jennifer not only is a kinetic movement specialist who teaches yoga and other forms of movement but also a percussionist who plays for the local Kirtan community now living in the northern rivers of Australia.

Jennifer teaches weekly classes at our Bangalow Studio. 

Elle Astrup

As a Yogalates, Qi Gong and Hatha yoga teacher for over 17 years in France, Norway and Australia, Elle has developed her own teaching style empowering body, mind & soul awareness. Elle believes everyone can succeed on the mat, when we allow our body to show us the way.  Elle has an intense focus on core integration and alignment stemming from her desire to use Yogalates and functional movement as a tool to heal and strengthen the body from within; using the breath as the centrepiece. As a mother of 4, now in her 50’s Elle understands the challenges and the sacred cycles we face as women throughout our lives. Elle is a true believer in the power of yogic healing through a safe, varied and fun practise catering to individual needs. 

"I have had the joy of going to Elle’s classes regularly over the past 6 years. I have never had any injuries and I always feel very safe. Elle’s classes have a gentle approach, yet I always feel I have worked hard, into my deep core, often challenging myself.  Every class is different, never boring; she offers a lot of knowledge not only about yoga or yoga philosophy but also general health. Elle has great energy and she encourages me to explore & connect. I always feel amazing at the end of class. Practicing yoga with Elle is a gift."

Helen Walter, Tama Productions, Speracedes, South France

Sarah Allely 

A student of Yogalates for the past 12 years, Sarah has recently completed our Yogalates Academy Teacher Training program and will be teaching Saturday morning classes in the Bangalow studio. Coming from a dance background (with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance/Drama from Queensland University of Technology and many years working locally and overseas in dance-theatre), Sarah understands that all movement, whether on stage or in daily life, must come from a foundation of strength, stability, and flexibility, in order for us to move with ease and poise throughout the course of our lives.

She believes that Yogalates is the perfect exercise regime for those wishing to complement their existing practice in sports or other physical activities, as well as a stand-alone, wholistic practice, accessible to all participants regardless of their age or level of experience. She is excited to bring her passion for movement to the Yogalates mat.

Sarah teaches weekly classes at our Bangalow Studio