Welcome to the Yoglates Academy. We offer a range of classes for all levels and ages including:

  • Yogalates™ an award wining method of the fusion Yoga Pliates
  • Hatha Slow Flow
  • Gentle Hatha & Meditation
  • Yin Restorative Yoga
  • Vinyasa

Read more about each of our classes and recommended props below, meet our teachers or check out our Studio Timetable to make a booking. We look forward to practising with you in one of our Byron based studios soon!



The Solomon Yogalates™ method will help you develop your breath, postural alignment, core and functional movement whilst deeply restoring your nervous system and mind. You will learn to balance from your core with ease as you fine-tune the core body.
Designed to awaken and strengthen the subtle yet structural core muscles through Pilates based exercises while incorporating the asana (postures), philosophy and wisdom of Yoga.
This is a mindful practice that provides balance of strength and flexibility whilst catering for many different body types, conditions, age and fitness levels - it’s Yoga for every ‘body’!

The class is layered with breath awareness to deepen core recruitment as the complexity of poses are explored through the many levels apply levers and load. Recruiting core strength in static holds, slow flow movements and sequencing, foundational standing and balancing postures.
The class completes with a soothing Savasana relaxation - the perfect end to a truly remarkable award wining practise.


A dynamic yoga practice linking each movement with breath. The class guides students to a smooth flow where they simply dance with their breath and yoga postures which helps them get into a meditative state. It encourages students to move into each asana/posture with solid foundation and awareness, attention to the breaths and the mind will naturally become more steady, quiet and still afterwards. Yoga practice becomes a form of art, dance and meditation. The class is weaved with intelligent sequencing,  variations and modifications and various options, mantra chanting, pranayama (breathworks to purify our breath and vital life energy), yoga philosophy and meditation etc. All levels are welcome. 



A world-renowned style of yoga focussed on raising life force energy through the subtle channels of the body. Yoga Synergie & Meditation is a blend of traditional Yoga, Meditation and Modern Science.

This fundamentals class will help you to harmonise all the body systems such as the organs, strengthening the energetic aspect of the body with the use of intention, imagery and visualisation, colour, held and massage trigger points for brain integration and grounding. 

Incorporating sound, including mantra, guided meditation, joint health via blood flow, generating internal heat, slow flow active movements between each asana with expansion and contraction of the trunk all initiated from the enteric nervous system.


A slow-paced and still yoga practice that encourages the quality of the moon: calming, cooling, relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating which helps recharge our vital life energy/prana/Qi via stillness, steadiness, physical and mental tension release, letting go, trustful surrender and introspection.

Yin Yoga is an intelligent combination of ancient wisdom (traditional Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine with meridians/energetic channels) and modern science of fascia. It helps purify our energetic channels, keep our fascia healthy, young and bouncy. It also nourishes our parasympathetic nervous system which is critical for resting, digesting and recovering.

The class is supported by many props including fascia balls to support you with deep stretch, tension/tightness release and stable flexibility. You will feel a sense of lightness, spaciousness, length and softness after that class. The class is weaved with various concepts, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, myofascial tension release, yoga philosophy (yoga sutra etc), mantra chanting, pranayama (calming and cooling style) and meditation (yoga nidra - deep yogic sleep and relaxation, mindfulness meditation, breath awareness, mantra japa etc ) and chakra/ 5 elements purification etc. All levels are welcome regardless of your flexibility. 


All levels are welcome to this dynamic yoga practice linking movement with breath; the class guides students into a smooth flow of dancing their breath and a yoga posture, finding a meditative state. It encourages students to move into each asana/posture with a solid foundation and awareness. With attention on each breath the mind will naturally steady and calm.
Yoga practice becomes a form of art, dance and meditation.
This class is weaved with intelligent sequencing, variations and modifications, mantra chanting, pranayama (breath work to purify and enhance vital life energy), yoga philosophy and meditation.


This 45min class combines elements of Ballet and Pilates to ease you gently back to aerobic fitness.

Simba is down to earth and passionate about helping people to achieve a healthy body and mind.

Using equipment like weights, bands, balls and sliders all the while listening to some great tunes; this class will help you feel lighter, energetic, empowered and confident.

You'll be signing up for Barre Sweat in no time!


A more energetic version of the Beginners Barre and Stretch, this 45min class combines elements of Ballet, Pilates and Aerobics to strengthen and tone.

Using equipment like weights, bands, balls and sliders to build strength help you feel lighter more energetic, empowered and confident.


In this fun and sensual dance class, you will learn Bachata, Salsa (on 1, 2 & Cuban style), Merengue and other Latin dance styles.
Think footwork, instrumental cues, rhythm, body articulation and isolation, spins, styling, shines, graceful sensual moves, lead/follow techniques and more!
From beginner to more experienced, you will learn how to dance solo to build confidence, body awareness and connection in your own body just for fun or to prepare for partner dancing on a social or performance level.
All with other woman of diverse backgrounds and all ages in a welcoming, warm community environment. *

No heels or footwear are needed, wear comfortable clothing or slip into something that makes you feel sexy!


We supply all of the props you'll need for our classes, but if you feel to bring your own - please do! Here's what we recommend:

A good quality Yoga Matt

Firstly you will need a good-sized Yoga mat. Always try before you buy, not all Yoga mats are created equal and there are many to choose from lightweight to eco-friendly. If you want it to last then spend the cash, typically with Yoga Matts you pay for what you get so try not to go for one that’s at the bottom of the price range. if you get a great mat that will last a lifetime your saving yourself money by not having to renew it. 

A Yoga Blanket

Most people are a little unsure why you would need a Yoga blanket, well here’s why; a blanket can help and Yoga practice for getting grounded, offering comfort and much more. You can rest, kneel or lie on your blanket to give your back and lips a lift. Moreover after your last exercise there’s nothing more indulgent that covering yourself in a cosy blanket for your last relaxation pose.

Yoga Strap

If you're serious about really giving Yoga your best shot then you’ll benefit from getting a strap. Yoga straps allow you to make poses that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do, but you will still get the benefit of making the pose.

A Yoga Block

The original Yoga block is designed to simulate and raise the floor for your practices. They can help achieve balance, comfort and better alignment. There are many shapes and sizes you can get on the market now so have a look round and choose one that most suits your needs.


The best part of beginning any new exercise is going out and buying some new attire to feel good in. Try to go for the most comfortable clothes that are also form fitting enough so you can see your knee in relation to your ankle as you need to be able to clearly see your own alignment whilst feeling comfortable.

Remember to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to let go. Take your time. Yogalates is something, which requires practice and dedication so don’t limit yourself to class time only.