When asked how Louise's class was she simply said...'exquisite!'”

Margie, Melbourne

“My name is Greg James and I have been doing the Yogalates classes for about 5 years with Olive & Bec. I thoroughly recommend their classes as I have found it very beneficial after a hard days work to stretch the body and relax the mind. After class I feel much more relaxed and more mobile. These classes help my body to cope with everyday movements and improve my agility as I have always suffered with back pain which I now have under control.” 

Greg James, Farmer

"Yogalates is an incredible approach to self-care and wellness. I am delighted to have been able to experience the profound health benefits over time from this amazing practice. Being an Osteopath and mother I am very interested in holistic, effective and safe approaches to optimal health, Yogalates is JUST that! I love the clear instructions throughout the practise and that there are always multiple options to suit your body and your ability. It is the most wonderful way to spend 'me-time' in my week and feels like 2 hours of mind, body, spirit decompression (we all need decompression). I love yogalates!

I will absolutely be doing the teacher training at some point in the future, so I can help spread the amazing feeling and health that it brings.

Also I would like to add that Olive is an exceptional teacher. I enjoy so so much my Saturday mornings at her class! She is very talented in her delivery of Yogalates and has a kind and warm nature. I really appreciate her classes very much! THANK YOU OLIVE :)"

Dr. Samantha Lo Giudice (Registered Osteopath)

“I discovered Yogalates 4 years ago and what a difference it has made to me!

I was a successful sportsman in my youth but carried back problems from an early age. No practitioner could provide a comprehensive remedy for my injury. Later, a damaged knee further reduced my range of activity.

Since discovering Yogalates my core strength, agility and stamina have improved remarkably. I no longer have back pain even though I regularly do strenuous work on our land.  Recent activities have included building rock walls, rainforest regeneration and bike riding up the imposing hills of Possum Creek. 

At the end of each day, I can now stand up straight, pain-free!

I have total confidence in all of the Yogalates instructors. Each is very well trained, knowledgeable and friendly. They are a great team.

Thank you Louise and your instructors for giving me a stronger, more flexible and comfortable body when my age says it should be getting weaker.”

Ian Pimblett, Bangalow

"As someone who lives with pain Yogalates has been such a great relief for my body."

Bunny, Suffolk Park

"As an osteopath I look for balance, skill and professionalism, and this class was excellent in every way. Olive was a wonderful teacher. Thank you!"

Julie, Bangalow

"My first Yogalates class was terrific, Olive was particularly helpful and understanding, which was important to me as I had not much previous experience of either. She made me feel comfortable and ensured each move was done correctly. It is held in a beautiful space. Very calm and relaxing."

Jennifer, Bangalow

"So happy to have finally joined and loving the classes! I feel so good & find teachers amazing & location wonderful. I’m recommending to everyone. 5 ⭐ stars"

 Alison, Bangalow

'My first class today and it was great, relaxing and strengthening, friendly atmosphere."

Denise, Suffolk Park

"Hi Louise and team,

The class this morning with Olive was a delight. Lovely to be back in the studio and of course everything was done with professionalism and compassion. Looking forward to continuing the studio classes as well. Jill is also delighted and happy for me to say so in the feedback."

Margaret, Bangalow

"Beautiful flow & great self pacing strategies."

Mel, Suffolk Park

"Amazing class! Loved it.. Thank you!!"


"Excellent very thorough with explanations and examples."

Dianne Bangalow

"So wonderful to return to Yogalates. Why do I wait so long to book a class?"

Jenny Bangalow

"Always love the lovely Linda's class."

Rory, Suffolk Park

"Linda’s classes have always been very relaxing with clear instruction and structure. Her calm nurturing nature is what makes her class so very special."

Robyn, Suffolk Park

"Love Linda's classes - such a beautiful start to the day."

Deb Suffolk

"First class with Linda and it was amazing, I feel fabulous. Thank you."

Joanne, Suffolk Park

"Exactly what I needed."

 Kelli-Lee Andrews Suffolk Park

"Yogalates a wonderful exercise tailored to suit- giving me flexibility and calmness, and confidence after having both hips replaced. I love it. Olive is so professional and easy to engage with, making me feel welcome every session."

Jen, Bangalow

"Excellent. Good to be back after new hips. Took it easy and no pain today. Thanks Olive."

Lee, Suffolk Park


"Excellent teacher, lovely class. I will be a regular from now on."

Victoria Suffolk

"Great to be back . Thanks Olive for a beautiful class."

 Libbie, Suffolk Park

"Great class as always with Olive. Happy to return following the Easter break."

Natalie, Suffolk Park

"F a b u l o u s... !!!" 

Di, Suffolk Park

"Lynda is wonderful! Especially for a novice like myself. Clear, calm, enjoyable instruction."

Mark Suffolk

"A great class - as always."

Nina Suffolk

"Super friendly and not too difficult" 

Shelly, Suffolk Park

"It was a fabulous class and I look forward to limbering up this very stiff body."

Joy Suffolk

"So great to be back in class with the fabulous Olive... thank you!"

Susan Bangalow

"Beautifully varied class with a charismatic teacher."

Olivia Bangalow

"An interesting mix of yoga and Pilates. I really enjoyed it thanks."

Nicky, Bangalow