“Having experienced the 350hr Yogalates Training with Louise and Nic, I can confirm… there really is no other training like it. Adding so many subtle, intrinsically vital and relevant layers to the practice. You will be unbelievably fortunate to experience this level of mastery.”

Liz Fardon

"Over the last ten years I have explored both Yoga and Pilates trying to determine which of the styles to study and develop not only my personal practice but also share with others. Yet I could not settle with either – whilst I enjoyed practicing both - it was like something was missing with each of them. In training to be a Yogalates teacher, I have found that missing element – it is the link between them both – when combined they become a holistic mind, body and soul management system. That link – the understanding of the role the pelvis plays with the spinal system and central nervous system combined with the support of correct breath – pure genius. So simple and so true whenever tested. This course was an intensive and extensive exploration of the theoretical, practical and spiritual concepts of both Yoga and Pilates. Louise and her fantastic trainers gradually implemented layer upon layer to give me tools that I can work with. I have tools in methodology, technical application and practicality that give me the confidence to teach and support others in a safe, effective and efficient way – to benefit from the beautiful combination of Yoga and Pilates that is Yogalates." Debbie, SA  

"A few years after discovering the Yogalates method and TT through a Yogalates TM trained teacher, I finally decided to enquire via email. Louise instantly organised a phone call to talk further. Louise was warm and encouraging and I knew I had found the right TT course.

I cannot speak more highly of the TT team, Louise, Nic, Tracey and Olive, who created a safe, encouraging and inspiring space to learn and grow not only as a Yogalates Teacher, but personally. The online component was thorough and prepared me well for the in person practicum in Byron Bay. There were a few unavoidable delays in getting to the practicum due to COVID and the weather. Despite this, Louise and Nic were professional, supportive and flexible so that the practicum went ahead and progressed smoothly. The time in person was an incredible experience where we dived deeper into special needs, posture, structuring and formatting classes and of course, teaching.

Before the practicum, I never imagined I would be able to stand up in front of a class and teach! However, by the end of the course I felt comfortable and prepared, and I credit my growth to the unwavering support and encouragement of the Trainers and my fellow students. I have a career as a Dietitian and love how complimentary and holistic the Yogalates method is to my work.

Both as a method of safe and inclusive physical activity and as a balancing practice for the mind and soul. I enjoyed learning for my own mind and body and am deeply grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity to teach and share Yogalates with the world. I send my deepest gratitude back to the Yogalates TT team and my fellow students, who I know will be dear friends into the future."

Danae Giardina, from Mount Isa Queensland, 2022

“I am a humble yoga practitioner and Pilates student since some years when i started in 2005 with yoga. Last year i tasted also the pilates with lots of private classes since my lower back started to suffer more during yoga practice, but the love and the hunger for my yoga was still there, silently growing.  I started to imagine and dream how the two could emerge so well together and i started to look on the internet if i could find something to support that idea.  And that moment was one of the best decisions i ever took in my life...

I found The Yogalates studio website, pure and clear, well and thoroughly explained and that same hour I decided to subscribe myself for the TT Tuscany; the adventure started. All the materials were delivered in time, every aspect of the study material, timetable, assignments, handouts and books were very clearly explained. The content of all these materials is of a very high study level. The whole TT is so well prepared, adapted every year to new knowledge, to new experiences, to new challenges; it is amazing how this course is so detailed, so wise, so varied, so smart and so well overthought, and so personally with their own strong logical vision on yoga and pilates, bringing them together in a beautiful way.

The effort that Louise, Nic, Bec and Crystal and many others have given to realise this course is really outstanding.

For us, the yogalatinis...it was quite an adventure, and a lot to handle...but we could feel how the course is set up to allow you to grow in it and with it; And so i arrive on that what made this course for me so very special and so enriching : the total effort of Nic & Louise in giving and sharing with us trainees so very much , not only all their knowledge but at the same time all their heart, intuition and guidance, I never felt so challenged but so at home as with them.

The Tuscany immersion experience is a good idea to make it possible to draw all your attention to the course, it is like all what we learned could slowly and determined drop in, in our body mind and soul...i am mostly grateful for this beautiful adventure where i learned so much , where i met two beautiful, sweet and wise co trainees Janet and Shelley who will be friends for the rest of my life even though we live in different countries, and where i met my best teachers Nic and Louise, teachers with wisdom, with knowledge and with sweet but strong guidance , always teaching with all their heart and soul. They will be my friends always to! 

Thank you all so much!!”

Veerle Cools, Belgium - Tuscany 2017

“The course was rigorous BUT it was very cleverly designed, taught with incredible depth of knowledge and compassion. It was a truly extraordinary experience and the start of a life changing journey.”

Irena, Byron Bay  2017​

“I completed the Yogalates teacher training course in September 2012 and it was such an inspiring, fulfilling and unforgettable 2 weeks.  I first found out about the course when I went browsing on the website to see if there were going to be any new DVDs released (I always missed the announcements at the end of the DVD's as I was still absorbed in Savasana!) and when I saw the link for 'Teacher Training' I felt such a wave of excitement. After reading all the information on the course I knew it was something that I really wanted to participate in.
I completed all home study learning prior to the practicum and the level of support I received from the Yogalates Instructors who marked my work was outstanding; the feedback I received was always in depth and personal.  Living in the UK I chose to travel to Tuscany for the practicum; here Louise and Lisa taught and influenced us for just over two weeks. On arrival at the beautiful setting of Il Belcanto I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home. These couple of weeks were the most intensive of my life and I found myself smiling all day, everyday as I was encouraged and inspired. What really struck me in awe was how much I learnt about my own body; I had previously spent three years on a dance course at degree level and learnt more about my body in those two weeks in Tuscany. I can not thank Louise and Lisa enough for their incredible, creative teachings; I left feeling confident and eager to teach.” Keri McNabb, Lancashire UK - Tuscany 2012

“Solomon Yogalates  helped me by adding Yogalates to my treatments and exercise plans. With an entire module designed for special needs in the teacher training program Yogalates will be my preferred exercise regime to get people back in shape after they have suffered from injury or underwent a surgery. I’m confident to refer even existing patients to Yogalates classes to start working on their fitness.

Going though the teacher training myself, I have really gotten a deeper understanding about how exercise can influence breathing which in turn affects posture and general well being. I think every physiotherapist should understand Yogalates principles to be able to confidently prescribe exercises to their patients and highly encourage them to go and do the teacher training.”

Hanneke van der Weijden, MSc Manual Therapy, BSc Physiotherapy, Senior Physiotherapist Dubai - Tuscany 2016


​“When I first came across Yogalates, I had been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Most of that time; I had also been involved in training Yoga teachers. When I met Louise Solomon, I was the Head of the Yoga Faculty at Nature Care College in Sydney.  Prior to my work with Nature Care College, I worked for Satyananda Yoga Academy, setting up their Yoga studies and teacher training courses.  After many years in the same profession, I was finding it hard to keep motivated in my career. 

In 2007, I was blessed to be able to train with the wonderful Yogalates team of Louise, Lisa, Maria and Peter at the Yogalates Centre in Bangalow.  The Yogalates training was inspirational and fun. It was also great for my health and well-being. During the training my posture changed significantly. I had results in postural realignment that had evaded me in years of yoga practice.  Yogalates is brilliantly conceived by Louise Solomon; it gives students a great workout, is great fun, it builds strength and confidence, and is extremely safe. Yogalates is now my passion and I love sharing it with my students.  I don’t need to advertise, because word of mouth is enough. New students tend to stay for years as their preferred style of yoga and exercise, and I can watch them change body shape, gain strength, stamina and flexibility.

I admire the Yogalates style, and am forever grateful to my trainers who passed onto me; their passion for and knowledge of Yogalates.

Thanks so much guys.”

Clive Salzer, Alexander Technique & Yoga Physiology Facilitator, Central Coast, Australia NSW - Byron Bay 2007​

A fully comprehensive distance-learning course that is ideal for those who want to teach extremely safe Yoga practice. The course is fully monitored via marked assessments at each stage of the 5 modules; Anatomy, Pilates, Yoga & Yogalates Principles, Personal Practice, Teaching Training and Yoga Philosophy. With the assessment complete and passed there followed an intensive 2 week Practicum.  At times the distance-learning aspect of the course seemed overwhelming, but with constant reassurance from the support team the modules were completed successfully. Nothing was too much trouble and no questions asked were considered too “silly” throughout.  The practicum, which took place in beautiful Tuscany alongside retreat guests, was ideal for providing a true insight into what had been learnt from the distance-learning side. However, it was intensive, especially the 1st week (“Rabbit in the Headlights” is the phrase best describing the feeling) but in the 2nd week it all seemed to come together. 

We were encouraged and fully supported when we put into practice what we had learned and witnessed, gaining more confidence as the week went by.  However, don’t expect to take time out to enjoy Tuscany, the training really is full on for the entire 2 weeks, but so worth it!

Leaving with my Teaching Certificates, I couldn’t wait to get my new YogalatesTM Method business set up and running, and to introduce people to the wonders of really safe Yoga practice.”

Janet Drake – Mind Body Moment Qualified in teaching the Solomon YogalatesTM Method - Tuscany 2017


“Discovering Yogalates as a method of practice has been a very deep and and enlightening process. Louise Solomon the founder of Yogalates is an exceptional teacher and visionary. Yogalates is a very safe modality. We have been trained with a lot of care, attention to detail on posture, alignment, special needs for various pre-existing health conditions, and how to cue and articulate modifications. Receiving my qualifications in Yogalates has set me up to be a confident, safe teacher, with realistic expectations and a humble attitude towards my students.”

Jacqui Fae, Mullumbimby NSW - Byron Bay 2016

“What a journey the yogalates training has been! I have transformed in every way - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I am proud to have completed my studies with you as it was incredibly informative, comprehensive and the teachers are compassionate and full of wisdom.

Thank you for all the energy and knowledge you have given me. I have had no anxiety or panic attacks since coming home!!!!! Lung toning has been great.”

Giuliana, Orange NSW - Byron Bay 2016​ 

“The yogalates teacher training was life transforming! It not only gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach, it also taught me how to deepen my own practice. I could not be happier with how it unfolded. The course was so detailed, organized, and professional. Louise and Nicole  were nurturing and enlightening! I left the practicum feeling a part of the yogalates family.

Thank you from the deepest center of my heart!”

Shelley Spencer, Spain - Tuscany 2017

“Coming from a physiotherapy background I appreciated the high standard of training provided. The level of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and application to exercise, with the focus on special needs and injury prevention is meticulous.

The trainers are experienced, knowledgeable and inspirational teachers. They are also exceptionally open and wonderful personalities in themselves.

They all have a strong ability to apply functional anatomy to optimise functional movement and stability for safe exercise and to adapt the exercise to suit all body types, shapes, and dysfunctions/limitations.  The Yoga philosophy component is enlightening and incorporated well into the course with the involvement of a wonderful household yogi!!”

Catherine, Physiotherapist, Yogalates Teacher New Zealand - Byron Bay 2009 

“Louise Lisa & Olive, you have inspired me to such an extent, that I actually feel safe, going home and teaching this method. It is such a wonderful tool to have and to apply it to clients and to my family and friends.

I am also so much more interested now on how our bodies function, how to use the right way to teach people how to use their bodies and also to be able to help and heal people in need! I have courage again to teach,!( Jutta had been teaching Yoga for 20 years)

I will keep studying and reading to broaden my knowledge; so I feel confident in making the right adjustments and the right sequences for people with special needs.  Thank you Louise for all your effort, love and hard work you put in to create this for us, to share it with others and to be such a loving, charming and conscious being!!

Lots of love to you - Namaste, in deep honor we are blessed to have you. I am blessed to have had this experience, I will never forget – thank you!!!!”

Jutta Simons, Vancouver, Canada - Byron Bay 2010


​”Louise, Just to say a huge THANK YOU!!! These past couple of weeks have been above and beyond what I expected; your support, encouragement and enthusiasm will stay with me and keep me inspired on my Yogalates journey ahead :) At certain defining moments in my life I am often reminded of this Paolo Coelho quote:- 'A boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of a boat.'

Thank you for giving me the courage to set sail!”

See you in Manchester : )

Luv Beth xx' - Tuscany 2014​

“Yogalates for me is the perfect combination of mind, body and soul that turned out to be the ideal technique for me. Completing my training in 2015 at the Bangalow studio, I now run yogalates classes in the Byron shire and enjoy every minute. The mix of physical and mental through asana and pranayama practice brought together a way for me to teach both safely and well.  All of the teachers at my training were extremely supportive and each different in their own styles and approach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Louise, Tracey, Olive and Bec, for bringing such passion, wisdom and beauty to your teaching.

Each of the teachers was perfectly suited to their role and I went away feeling grounded in alignment cues and special needs.  The classes that I teach now bring me immense joy and I’m so happy to be sharing this fun and safe method. My first retreat was a beautiful mix of yoga, pilates and meditation in a stunning setting, and my dream is to take yogalates all over the world. I’m so grateful to feel a part of the yogalates family and I would highly recommend anyone to take part in this training.”

Kate Westberg - Byron 2015

​"I have recently graduated, about three weeks ago, and I find it difficult to express in just a few lines how valuable these 4 weeks of intensive practicum have been for me. The curriculum was perfect, it felt like we were putting a puzzle together. A theory session was followed by its immediate practical application; which was then followed by another subject that was connected with the previous one and the next one. The course was complete and touched everything that we need to know as Yogalates teachers and even more!   The trainers have been amazing. Knowledgeable, passionate, always there, not only to make sure that all concepts were clear in our minds, body and spirits. Louise, Tracey, Olive and Bec were also there emotionally, as in 4 weeks, during such an intense journey, many changes happen and it's comforting to know that your teachers understand you exactly as they have been through similar paths.  Last but not least, my body definitely had great benefits! I managed to work on my own patterns, adjusting my own posture and strengthening some muscles that I was clearly not engaging enough.  

I only have words of praise for the Yogalates Teacher training course. I am glad that I decided to proceed with it has definitely exceeded my expectations and it is now changing my life. I can help my clients in a more meaningful way, I now have a deeper knowledge of a broader range of conditions that will definitely assist me to make people healthier and happier!  Looking forward to the yearly updates, thank you Louise, Tracey, Olive and Bec, you are an amazing, unique team and it's been a privilege to be taught by you."

"Mammaaaaaa... You know what I'm thinking? Actually your exercise is good because it stretches but it also makes you strong... And it also makes you relaxed... It's very clever your exercise mamma you know..." These were my daughter's words in the car when we were driving back home this morning... That says a lot... Even a 5 years old can understand by herself the benefits of Yogalates!"

Sveva Falletto, Tasmania - Byron Bay 2015


“I recently completed Yogalates Teacher Training. Living in Ireland with a full time job and a young family I did not believe that I would be able to realise my long held ambition of becoming a Yogalates Teacher.  I was however able to complete the Home Study element of the training in my own time though distance learning. I found the support and guidance of the Yogalates course tutors invaluable, they were only ever an email away and have a great commitment to and knowledge of the Yogalates programme. 

I completed the practical element of the Teacher Training over a 2 week period in the beautiful surroundings of Belcanto, Tuscany and had the privilege of studying personally with Louise Solomon. While the practicum was intensive it was extremely enjoyable and I had the opportunity of practising my skills on a number of enthusiastic people from the local community of Radicondoli.

By the end of the practicum I felt confident in my ability to begin classes as soon as I returned home and have had an excellent response from anyone I have taught.  The European Practicum is an accessible, affordable way for anyone in Europe to train in the Yogalates method, only previously available in Australia and I would whole-heartedly recommend it.

Keep in touch, Namaste”

Ali McClay, Ireland - Tuscany 2011

​”If you are reading this you've perhaps become hooked by the DVDs and the effect they've had on your body and mind! What a fantastic and thorough course in Yogalates teacher training and in beautiful rustic Tuscany too. If you are passionate about Yoga, Pilates, our human body, our connection to breath and so much more, and you want to pass on the amazing effects of Yogalates to others, then this is the course for you. Their emphasis is on safety throughout and taking clients only to where they are comfortable leaves you confident in teaching others. The props used in Yogalates are more than the DVDs represent. I have come away with fantastic knowledge of not only how to do asanas and exercises but WHY we do them and their benefits. We were lucky enough to be taught hot off the press core work which allows us to teach truly from the inside out in the safest possible way. Louise and Lisa's passion for their work is infectious and Louise constantly evolves the material that is taught. Can't recommend it enough!”

Marna Currie, Scotland & LA - Tuscany 2012


My name is Melissa and I cannot speak highly enough of the Yogalates teacher training in Bangalow which I completed Oct/Nov 2008.

I was unsure whether Yogalates and the “fusion” was the right path for me initially or whether I should do a straight yoga course. I did a lot of research and decided the safety aspects and the qualifications of the tutors in the Yogalates course seemed more thorough (and it was!).

The course was very in depth and covered everything from anatomy, functional assessment, special needs, contraindications and one on one assessment, always with a great emphasis on correct alignment and safety (OH&S).  I was encouraged to be creative and given the confidence to start teaching immediately which I found very satisfying and rewarding.  The tutors were very helpful, friendly and extremely professional. They took a tremendous interest in each individual student and can’t thank them enough for their time, positive feedback and energy.

I would not hesitate in giving the course my recommendation to any serious Yoga/Pilates student.”

Melissa, Sydney - Byron Bay 2008


“Ever since I have returned from Byron, I have been teaching with great joy both public and private classes in a small studio that I have been renting in the compound where I live. This way, I have been able to handle my classes just the way I wanted to and it's been going wonderfully.

I have had tremendous results with all my students. Yogalates has made such a difference for them. I can see their posture, their alignment, their strength, their stamina, their energy and their state of mind evolve throughout the months. They always come out with more integrity than they got in....it's just so beautiful to witness that! Unfortunately, I cannot provide for all the demand out there and I've got people on waiting lists but I have come to realise that I cannot handle more than 6 public classes a week if I want to be really fully present.

The system you have come up with is so finely tuned, it's a perfect balance between the essentials of Pilates and that of Yoga, erasing all the potentially harmful practices and it works absolute wonders. It is reliable, safe, gentle and yet deep and very efficient. I am so very honored and deeply grateful for having met you and having been taught by the fantastic instructors that you managed to gather for us. There is not a week that goes by without one of them, one pearl they said, one concept they passed on to me, one principle, one technique, one value, one epiphany, one act of support and kindness which I don't pay forward to one of my students. They all inhabit me during every class that I teach and I carry them in my heart always. Please forward all my love, gratitude and respect to each and every one of them. It's been an honor to have been taught by them.

So I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!'

Dominique Solomon, Shanghi, China - Byron Bay 2006


“The moment I read the curriculum for this teacher training course, I knew I had to do it! Here was a course that promised to be good for my own health and give me the qualification to teach others to improve and maintain their own physical and psychological well being.  And Louise, this course has lived up to its promise. My arthritic joints have gained mobility; tight muscles in my neck and upper back (from years of computing and marking!) have been released. I also feel longer, stronger and leaner.  I have been involved in teaching and adult teacher education for many years. Louise, I recognize you as an exceptional teacher and teacher trainer of both practical and theory classes. Your calm, warm, encouraging style has been an inspiration. It takes a great talent to develop a concept such as Yogalates™. It takes exceptional skill to pass this concept on to others to teach.  Thanks for supporting us all through our individual trials and tribulations during this physically demanding and mentally stimulating course.”

Ruth Llewellyn, Sydney, NSW - Byron Bay 2001

“It was almost exactly this time last year that I decided to come to Australia for a year abroad.  While making my plans, I initially concentrated on finding work in the cities -- Sydney, Melbourne, etc.  My friend tried to urge me to come to Byron Bay but I was resilient about living outside of a metropolis, unable to further my career.   I have always dreamed of  taking a yoga teacher training course as yoga has always been one of the greatest pleasures in my life.  My professional pursuits have always prevented me from fulfilling this dream as there never seemed to be a suitable time to take time off from my career-bound city life.  I decided to 'surf' the internet to find out what was on offer in Byron Bay and 'voila',  I came across Louise Solomon's Yogalates TM website.  I could hardly believe how perfectly suited all of the components of the training course were to what I was looking for.  Louise Solomon's course offers the ideal combination of theoretical and practical applications of her innovative Yogalates concept set in an ideal location next to the beach in a beautiful big studio.  Once I finally arrived in Byron Bay to meet with Louise in person after much communication via email, I knew I had made the right decision.  Louise's kind and warm demeanor encouraged all of her trainees to follow our dreams and stay focused in the most challenging of times.  Taking this course has had a profound effect on my life -- I now have an exciting new career and live in Paradise.  Thanks Louise!”

Anthea Parsons, Vancouver, Canada - Byron Bay 2001