There's a revolution in exercise that is sweeping the globe and Louise Solomon's Yogalates is leading the way.

With it's brilliant combination of the gentle stretch of Yoga and the core-building strength of Pilates, Yogalates is quite simply the perfect answer for maintaining your fitness from home.

Tips For A Successful Home Yogalates Practice

    1. Release expectations and start with acceptance. Yogalates is more than just a form of exercise it's a lifelong journey.
    2. Find your rhythm and stick with a sequence.
    3. Prioritise your practice
    4. Notice your breathing
    5. Use the resources around you, join us online or in the studio for regular tune-ups. 
    6. Access pre-recorded classes from our workout library, online and on demand
    7. Buy the book - YogalatesThe Breakthrough Workout That Combines the Best of Yoga and Pilates, by Louise Solomon

      Everything a beginner needs to know is shown in dozens of colour photographs, from body basics and breathing essentials to six complete, easy-to-follow workout plans. This total toning program will kick start the abs; work the waist, shoulders, and arms; tighten the butt and thighs; and train every muscle. There's even a resistance series and dynamic stretching. In-depth information explains how to control the breath; find the proper alignment; master the principles of movement and coordination; build endurance and prevent injury; and activate the core muscles. Each series of exercises is laid out clearly, simply, and logically, and taken together they absolutely transform any body into something beautiful. There's no better way to reach your ultimate goal.

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