We've been busy seeking out some stunning locations and will shortly be confirming the dates for our first 2023 Yogalates retreats in Bali and Port Douglas - it's been far too long and we're so excited to celebrate life on the matt with you!

Louise has been running Yogalates Retreats and on location Yogalates Teacher Trainings for over 10 years. We've been to some fabulous locations over the past including Italy, South of France, Croatia and Bali.

Here's a look back on some of our adventures around the globe. Just a little taste of what to expect in 2023!

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Connect with the natural elements of life and find harmony

In a world as fast-paced as ours those words ring home, they touch the heart and you naturally feel a sense of ease, even a sense of wonder; how could you and what does it even mean to unwind, unplug and reset?

To embrace the essence of such; one needs to embody nature, to re connect with the natural elements of life and living organisms such as ourselves.

Science has proven that time in nature heals. One needs to connect with the rhythm of the natural world that hums along with our nervous system. Our nervous system is so complex and thousands of years old that it has evolved along the evolutionary path of life from nature to us.
Thankfully “the slow movement culture” is trending both in Yoga, food even beverages and is taking us back in time to our roots.
Yogalates is that; a slow paced gravity-fed movement system with 30 years in the wisdom of teaching and development. Led through the pure organic function of the breath that anchors your core with the elements of earth.
The structural architecture of the method supports the alignment of the nervous system to find its natural pulse. Blend this with the natural world and you can “unwind, unplug and reset”.

By focusing the eyes (known as a drishti/natural gaze in Sanskrit) on our natural world you absorb the fresh air, natural colours shades textures and essence. The eyes start to soften, your mind starts to unwind, the heart opens and you unplug.
Your eyes relax and instinctively are comfortable to close. The mind slides naturally into the “well” of self thus enabling the mind to quieten as you discover your inner drishti and resonate with your deeper self. This creates an anchor for the mind a sense of grounding, a ripple of peace that unravels through your whole body and touches your soul “not impossible”.Nature paves the way for the meditative mind to open. Your mind clears, declutters, your nervous system unravels and then resets.
Paving the way for clarity to build to aid you in moving forward on your life’s path; making good healthy choices and living your life to your full potential.Learn a new connection with self; fine tune your Yoga or Pilates practise, embody tools for life and nourish your soul. The Yogalates Wellbeing Retreats absorb the natural world at its simplest at its best.

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